The Future of Banking in India

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  1. User Interface: Since the only mode of access to your bank accounts is the app. The app has a simple and intuitive UI. The app includes all the capabilities of a physical bank. You can also use the app to analyse your expenses, download your statements.
  2. Debit Card: Neo Banks in India have worked on their debit card design. The one I use (Fi Money) has a really great design. It has No charges for ATM withdrawals from any Banks’ ATM. One more interesting feature of my debit card is that it has 0% Forex Markup. There are very few cards in India that provide this feature and Fi Money is one of them.
  3. Savings Jar: If you eish to save money to buy something, you can use something known as saving jars. Where you can put in money and the money grows at a greater interest rate.
  4. Investing: You can also use these apps to directly invest in mutual funds and other instruments.
Fi Money Debit Card



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